Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading & Wokingham – helping you make the changes you want

I offer integrated coaching and hypnotherapy in Reading and Wokingham to help you overcome fears, unwanted habits and limiting beliefs. If you are ready to work on what’s hold you back, I can help you.

I tailor sessions to each individual and specialise in anxiety and confidence issues.

In addition to hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I incorporate a wide number of other effective therapeutic tools in my approach including Emotional Freedom Technique, which means the changes you want might be easier to achieve than you think.

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How can Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading or Wokingham help you?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading and Wokingham focuses on the individual not labels. Here are some of the issue that hypnotherapy can help with and the areas I work with most often:

Stress & anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence issues, Phobias, Public Speaking, Post Trauma Antenatal Therapy, specialist hypnobirthing, sleep issues, stopping smoking, weight loss, health and well-being

I believe you are unique! The way you experience your problems is unique so you deserve a tailored approach.With Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I personalise a treatment plan to your specific needs.

As part of your treatment, I will send you MP3 downloads and teach you empowering tools. These include relaxation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques you can use in-between sessions to help accelerate your progress.

Discover the key principles of the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach in this 3 minute video:


About me:

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I’m passionate about helping people move forward in their lives and achieve their goals.

I’m a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner in NLP having been trained by the internationally acclaimed Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute London.

I’m also an experience antenatal and hypnobirthing practitioner and specialise in birth trauma resolution.

I also regularly train with other leading organisations to continually update my professional skills and understanding of neuroscience.  I’m excited to include a wide range of the latest effective brief therapy techniques in my ‘toolkit’ including Kinectic Shift, Emotional Freedom Technique, OldPain2Go™ and The Simpson Protocol.

I see clients in the Reading Therapy Centre, 6b Church Street and the Wokingham Therapy Clinic, 49 Denmark Street.  I also now offer therapeutic coaching and confidence building online via Skype/Zoom. I welcome clients in a friendly, calm and confidential setting.

Clients are often surprised how quickly they start to notice changes and benefits in their lives from our first session together.

If you would like to discuss how I can help and how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works, I would love to hear from you.

Email: or call: 07446950386


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Hypnotherapy Reading and Wokingham: complimentary phone consultation

I know it often takes courage to take contact a hypnotherapist. It’s also important you find the right therapy and therapist for you. This is why having a chat before you commit to anything can really help. You can also check to see if you feel I’m the right person to help you.

I offer a no-fee initial phone call where we can discuss how I can help you and explore what your needs are. You can also ask me questions before agreeing to meet.

Through this call, you can make sure that my approach is right for you and also gain experience of working with me to see what’s possible for you.


What clients have said about working with me:

“I had three sessions with Clare to overcome self confidence issues and I can honestly say i feel like a different person. Not only is the therapy excellent but Clare takes time to talk through the rational aspects of the fear/condition so that you can understand it and further help overcome it. I would highly highly recommend her.” Nina Sawetz, August 2017 


“All I can say is amazing and what a lovely person thank for helping me” Hypnotherapy Reading –Luke Newman, August 2017 (Review on Facebook)


“Clare worked with me to help me overcome a fear of flying and it worked! She was friendly, supportive and very skilled. She listened carefully and designed a treatment plan with techniques that addressed each of my concerns. I would highly recommend her !” Hypnotherapy in Reading –  Jayne Doyle, April 2016  (Review on Facebook)


“I had three sessions with Clare, and found them very helpful. Feeling out of control and anxious were the main reasons for seeking help, and Clare made me feel at ease and was very understanding, at the same time helping me view things from a different perspective. Clare was very generous with sharing and suggesting useful resources, which I continue to use. Overall a very positive experience, would highly recommend.” Hypnotherapy in Wokingham, M Shepp, May 2017 (Freeindex Review)


“The few days following the session were the best few days I can remember having in years and years.  I had about 4 days of just feeling I was in this secure safe bubble, like I had a protective film over me and no-one could touch me, it was amazing!” Sarah, 2016


“Clare has a wonderful, calming manner and has really helped me work through some personal dilemmas and difficult work related issues.” Coaching in Reading, Tania, 2015


“I worked with Clare on Anxiety issues affecting both my work life and my personal Life. Working with Clare helped me to gain back control of my life, see things in perspective, and realise I could be the driver” Hypnotherapy in Reading, Rob, 2014


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