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Helping professionals & mums overcome fears, feel happier & be more empowered

Let’s work together on:

Anxiety & Phobia Resolution

Cognitive hypnotherapy offers an integrated and tailored way to release from fears, free yourself from anxiety & build confidence.

Emotional Recovery & Wellbeing

Helping you navigate life changing events & grief, overcome trauma or regain your sense of self after a break up.

Confidence & Self-Compassion

Learn to love being you and overcome low self-worth or low confidence. You can start to trust in your own abilities and feel grounded in who you are. If you are fed up of not feeling good enough despite working hard and achieving, it’s time to change. 

Pregnancy Calm & Birth Confidence

I combine hypnotherapy with the latest hypnobirthing tools to help mums-to-be to release fear and feel empowered for birth & beyond.

Postnatal Confidence & Calm

Navigate life as a mum with more confidence, support and emotional balance. It’s not always to remember who you are when life becomes so focused on family. 

Midlife Confidence & Menopause Symptom Relief

I combine hypnotherapy, mind/body balancing tools and mindset coaching to help you reduce stress, manage symptoms and feel better.

hypnotherapist for anxiety therapy Clare Burgess

Hello, I’m Clare

I specialise in emotional wellbeing for those who are struggling with high anxiety, emotional overwhelm or navigating big life events. 

Together, I can help you rebalance, release fear and reconnect to what you really want.  

I’m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Emotional Wellness Coach & Hypnobirthing Trainer.

I’ve been offering a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy in Reading and online for over 10 years. 

My approach is tailored, flexible and solution focused for positive differences and long lasting change.




Coaching & Hypnotherapy in Reading & Online


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Solution Focused & creating change

This is not about just coping with issues. Together, we will work on what's causing the emotional blocks, discover how your mind works and reprogramme underlying patterns. Most clients notice positive changes from the first session.

Tailored to your specific needs

I combine the best hypnotherapy, coaching & therapy methods to offer you flexible programmes depending on your needs. Within each session, we work on your specific needs rather than a set agenda or specific hypnotherapy scripts.

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