Meet Clare Burgess

Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP, Meditation Teacher & Specialist Hypnobirthing Trainer

Hypnotherapy & Coaching helped me go from self-doubt and fear to confident & calm. I’d love to help you create the same positive changes.


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An integrated approach with your uniqueness at heart

If you are ready to change and work together, so much is possible.  We will work with how your mind works, reconnect you to what’s most important for you and wake up your inner resources.

I used to suffer with low self-belief, anxiety and sleep issues. I know first hand the power of letting go of outdated beliefs and realising how amazing the mind is.

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with adults to help them go from fear and anxiety to free to enjoy being themselves again.


Empowering & Guiding you

Happiness is an ‘inside job’ and I believe you already have everything you need to feel well, empowered and confident in your life. Some people believe you have to just learn to cope with anxiety. You don’t! You can be free of it.  What you can learn is to be comfortable being human, heal pain from the past, and step into your power.

You are unique

I work with a framework which is flexible and adaptable. I believe that there is no one size fits all, and that you deserve a tailored approach. We will focus on your solutions not mine. 

A focus on learning & skills

I believe that confidence is the by-product of letting go of fears and connecting to your inner abilities rather than something you lack. Confidence grows from positive action, knowledge and experiences. 

Confidentiality & non-judgemental

I know how important it is to have a safe and private space to feel comfortable expressing what you need.

Whatever your background, lifestyle choice or world views, my aim is to empower you to create more choice and joy in your life whatever that means to you. 


My Background & Story

Why I became a hypnotherapist & coach

I worked in the banking and the IT sectors for years. I knew very well the stress and pressure of those environments.  I also know how it feels to be held back by limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence.  Although I enjoyed my work, after a few years, it left me feeling unfulfilled, stressed out and wanting more from life. Coaching and NLP opened my eyes to the differences we can make when we work with our own thinking and beliefs.

The unexpected gift from trauma & anxiety…

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I fell into depression and terrible anxiety. It turned out to be post-traumatic stress from previous birth trauma.  I went from a generally happy, calm person to a complete wreck. It was terrifying and horrible.

Luckily I discovered hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy.

After just few sessions, I went from crying at the thought of giving birth, to planning and experiencing the most peaceful and empowering home-birth with my daughter. 

It was life changing!

I was free from fear, felt fully in control and was able to use self-hypnosis to stay comfortable as I gave birth. Amazing…!

I’d found the gift I wanted to share with others.

Professional Associations

As well as being fully insured, I also believe in following ethical and professional standards. I belong to these professional associations:

  • Registered member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (MNCH)
  • CNHC Registered Practitioner
  • Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association

Qualifications and Training

I am committed to continual professional improvement and personal development.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve enjoyed training in hypnobirthing, advanced hypnotherapy, anxiety and depression training with the Human Givens Organisation, Andy Austin’s Integrated Eye Movement Therapy and Metaphors in Movement, and Mindfulness teaching as well as lots of other very effective and useful approaches.

The learning process is never-ending, and I love it! 

My key certifications:

  • NCFE approved Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (DipCHyp)* (One of very few externally accredited national hypnotherapy qualifications in the UK)
  • Master Practitioner Level in Neuro Linguistic Programming (MPrac NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD)
  • Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Practitioner
  • Former Daisy Birthing Active Birth Teacher & Newborn Workshop Leader

Other qualifications, certifications & CPD trainings:

  • BA Combined Hons Degree
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching
  • OldPain2Go Practitioner
  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner
  • Birth Trauma Resolution
  • Somatic Healing for Trauma
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Perinatal Mental Health Training
  • Advanced Hypnosis & Coaching
  • Pain Management Training
  • IEMT Training
  • The Simpson Protocol Practitioner Training
  • Human Givens Anxiety Training
  • Human Givens Depression Training
  • Breathwork for Therapists Training

    And lots more! xx


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