No, you don’t! You can be free of anxiety because:


  • Anxiety is not a permanent state nor a fixed part of who you are.
  • Anxiety is a normal human protection and stress response when there’s a perceived threat. It only becomes an issue when it’s being activated too often, at in appropriate times and too regularly.
  • Disordered anxiety is a set of learnt protective responses, beliefs and unconscious habits which can be unlearnt. You weren’t born with anxiety.
  • Emotional states including fear states are like the weather. They can come and go. Trying to stop anxiety or working hard to fix things is like trying to control the weather, it just creates more stress!
  • Believing you “just have to cope” with anxiety rather than heal, release or transform is actually part of the problem as it keeps someone in victim mode.
  • Thinking anxiety is part of who we are and we have to learn to cope means continuing to focus on the problem rather than opening up to new ideas and positive change



Some further ideas:

Feeling anxious, scared or nervous are a normal part of being human. Just like feeling sad, happy, angry and all the rest. These are emotional states, and a state is never permanent. Our emotional state is always changing. A bit like the weather.

Anxiety is a temporary protective stress experience when the mind/body perceives danger. It only becomes a problem when the underlying patterns become habituated, and the ‘system’ becomes conditioned to overfire in response to stimuli.

The brain/body system gets triggered into the protective response. This is based on learnt unconsciously learnt patterns of A = B or C causes E.

If something in our environment or even an imagined thought is attached in any way to “= danger”, our body will react. The mind then tries to make sense of what’s happening. The trigger can be real or just imagined. The mind-made meaning can then make it worse and perpetuate the state. If we pause, slow down, attend to the body and be in now, you’ll notice the feelings very quickly start to pass by themselves.


“But I’ve been diagnosed!”

If you have been officially diagnosed, know too that you’ve been told about a condition and about what’s been happening. Conditions are changeable and not permanent.

Unlearn the unconscious patterns and responses that are creating anxiety

We start by reframing what anxiety is and exploring a new way of understanding being human.

Then we can reconnect with a sense of safety and regulate the nervous system.

By exploring underlying patterns in new ways, we can work with how your mind is working to create new up to date and more helpful patterns.