Overcoming Anxiety #1 How many sessions?

hypnotherapy for phobias and anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety – more quickly than you might think…

Anxiety is one of those things that’s in the news a lot at the moment because it’s on the increase especially in young people.

One of the most common questions I get is ‘how many sessions do I need to overcome anxiety?’. This is an obvious and normal question of course. The reason I’m writing this post, however, is that people are often surprised by my answer which is ….”not as many as you might think and it depends on you”. You might even be surprised how quickly you can reduce anxiety and learn to relax.

I’ve helped someone overcome panic attacks in just one session and for someone else we might have more 6 sessions before that person feels the internal shift and fully confident. Most clients notice significant changes within the first few sessions and some are surprised at how simple some of the solutions are to help them. We all have the internal resources we needed to overcome issues but some people just needed more time to believe this and to learn the skills of self-calming and managing  emotions. Also the root causes of people’s issues are so unique to them. One person might experience anxiety after a single traumatic event which is far simpler to overcome, whilst another might have a whole history of issues.

When someone asks me how long it takes to overcome anxiety, they are focused on the label ‘anxiety’. Almost like it’s a set thing with a set formula to overcome it. Also there’s an expectation because in the past, therapy often set up a prescribed amount of time or number of sessions to deal with a diagnosis. More modern therapy approaches are far more client-centric and recognised that everyone is unique.

Anxiety covers everything from a simple phobia to more complex confidence issues, trauma or depression. One of the first steps to overcoming anxiety is to understand that fear and anxiety are a normal part of our internal survival system which is part of our ancient caveman brain. Sometimes the calculations in the brain get set into negative patterns so that our imagination is then being mis-used or is oversensitive to what might happen. It’s a bit like we have an internal burgalar alarm which for some reason has been set to hypersensitive. Part of the work we’ll do together is to desensitise you to whatever the triggers have been and reset the programmes to a more useful level.

The way I work is to focus on the person, their individual experiences and what they want to achieve. The label of anxiety is a useful starting point to understand what they’re experiencing and how it’s getting in the way. No one client experiences anxiety the same or has exactly the same reasons or root causes. Using modern approaches including hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique and Eye Movement Integration, people are often surprised how quickly they start to feel more in control or different.

So how many sessions? = That depends on you…… Mostly I see people for about 3 sessions then we calibrate if you need or want to continue, but let’s chat and find out what you really need.

The anxiety issues I specialise in helping are: phobias, post-traumatic stress, confidence and self-esteem issues, social anxiety and panic attacks.


Here’s one of the many frameworks I like to use about making sure your innate needs are being met: