We talk about confidence as a general thing. What does this actually mean at a deeper level? 

If you are feeling any kind of fear of birth, you know it can feel difficult to even imagine being really confident about it. Birth is inherently unpredictable and of course, your baby is so, so important to you. The stakes are high. 

One of my passions is helping mums overcome fear and anxiety in pregnancy and build true confidence for birth. Here’s the framework which underpins how I work

Here’s a summary of the building blocks of confidence for birth and beyond:

Trust – This is the belief in your skills, knowledge, and choices. It means trusting in the body and the birthing process so you can tolerate the uncertainty, have choices and stack the odds in your favour.

Open and flexible – Develop an expanded view and ability to adapt in the moment, not stuck in rigid and closed thinking. You are open to different versions as positive

Positive future projections – You are able to imagine being capable to navigate this experience, looking forward with more optimistic view – “I’m okay whatever happens because….”

Emotional stability – You are able to regulate your nervous system and feel safe. You are able to come back to calm after a wobble and you feel supported.

Self-concept – This is the generalisation that you can create what you want and be the person who has a positive birth experience. We work on the inner statements –  I am…. I can…. I have….

Connection to your body and emotional experiences – You can start to embrace this journey rather than resist the experience of birth. You can manage your emotions and are able to create harmony between mind, body and baby

Agency and the ability to make choices. You feel empowered and informed – You align with these: I choose, I have a voice, I can make decisions


Would you like to know more? Get in touch if you want to create and build any of the above – clare@clareburgess.co.uk