Convert your ‘how to’ into ‘willing to’

People often get caught up in believing that the reason they’re not progressing or creating what they want is that they don’t know how. This is an excuse and a self-deception. That may seem like ’tough love’ but it’s so true. I’ve been caught up in this trap so many times. I’ve learnt that the only way to move beyond that is to covert the ‘how to’ into ‘willingness’.

It’s not even a lack of wanting something. You can want something for years but if you are stuck in the below thinking, those desires won’t move beyond just an idea.

“but, I don’t know how’

That’s okay. We often need guidance or skill building to move into a new area or develop something but the truth is all the information you want is out there.

If you want to change, create or move into something new, you can find the ‘how to’ if you are willing to look. There will be 100s or even 1000s of videos, blogs, podcasts, show, books and lots of other things that cover what you want.

So what are you willing to do about the not knowing?

“I need to be ready or more confident before I can do that’

Believing you need all the knowledge or information before taking action is the opposite to how confidence works. It’s a form of self-protection that desguises itself as being thorough. It’s only through action and experience that we learn and build our skills and competence. Confidence comes after that.

I want the magic formula or easy steps.

Of course you do, you’re human. We all want the easiest or quickest way.  The best things in life take a bit of effort and energy!

Even if someone gives you the step by step guide, you still have to find your own unique way. You still have to take some action.

Say you have the perfect formula from someone else, it’s never going to be the full story as they’ll have created success with lots of other unconscious skills or connections they’re not even aware of to tell you.  They also might make it look easy but they’ll have worked hard, at least at the beginning. They probably just didn’t mind it being challenging. The only way to find your way is to find you way!  Be inspired, learn from them and then take your own steps.

Be honest with yourself, have you already been given the steps or know what you need to do? How willing are you to rise to the challenge?

Fear of failure

How willing are you to make mistakes? How willing are you to commit to action even if it’s in tiny steps? How willing are you to be curious about the unknown or risk it not working out as you planned? This is probably want’s really underneath that old narrative of needing more information.

Who would you be without that fear? What would be possible for you today if you were willing to take some small risks?

Fear of judgement

coming from a place of ’I’m not good enough’ will always keep someone playing small and the part of us which wants to protect ourselves will keep coming up with excuses or the feeling we need more information before taking action. This is because this delays any risk taking!

So, ask yourself, how willing are you to take some kind of action today which is a step in the direction of your goal? Then what are you willing to repeat each day after that?



“If you really want something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”, John Rohn


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