You might be aware of the Buddhist idea of our ‘inner light’. This is such a beautiful and useful idea to remember especially when we are going through hard times. 

This beautiful concept reminds us that our value and worth is constant regardless of circumstances. This is where true confidence flows from. 

We can explore this idea more deeply to realise how you can go from just surviving in life to thriving, creating and living the way you want. Just know that confidence is the natural byproduct of that. 

“Your inner light is constant regardless”


What if you realised that you have a light inside you?

‘Never lose your inner light, the light of goodness, of love; the light of an open warm heart.’  –  Dalai Lama

‘Let your light shine as children do.’  – – Marianne Williamson

What if you started to believe your light is always constant whether you’re aware of it or not?

Light is energy, and energy can’t be destroyed.

No matter what happens to you, your light is always there regardless. Your light, your potential, your life force is constant and cannot be destroyed. 

You have your hand on the dimmer switch

You might feel you light has been dimmed from your current circumstances.

You might feel that other people dim your light. 

You might do things consciously or unconsciously which seem to dim your light.

Imagine the dimmer switch is within you and you have the power to turn it up.

You have the power to allow your light to shine, to be seen and to expand.

What if you decide the power is within you and you no longer allow others to dim your light?


Nurture your light

There are plants which can be neglected and ignored which are so hardy they survive the worse conditions. These plants continue to live by adapting and finding new ways to live. Sometimes this means growing in an odd direction, staying small or avoiding creating fruit. 

This can happen to us too. Humans are so adaptable, and we adapt in order to survive. In the process, we can forget our inner light is still there. We can innocently believe that we are the adaptations. 

To go from survival to thriving, reconnect with your inner light. Here are some tips on how:

– Focus each day on doing at least one thing which makes your smile or brings you joy

– Spend some time exploring your core values and what’s most important to you in life

– Practice gratitude – the more we focus on the things we love, the more we see them and remain open to more

– Heal and release old ideas of who you were in the past. Realise you are not your thoughts, emotions or the stories you tell yourself. 



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With love

Clare xx