hypnobirthing in reading

Hypnobirthing in Reading

Empowering you to embrace positive birthing with confidence, choice and calm

  • Tailored 1:1 Hypnobirthing Courses
  • Hypnobirthing Essentials Mini-courses
  • Better Birth Courses for birth after previous trauma or challenges
  • Fear & Phobia Release – Pregnancy Hypnotherapy Sessions


Hypnobirthing in Reading and online


Learn to relax deeply & work with the mind/body connection to support birth




Gain amazing self-hypnosis skills to release unhelpful fears or anxiety




Boost your confidence and sense of inner calm for birth and beyond



Tailored hypnobirthing sessions

pregnancy anxiety hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is helpful for any type of birth. This includes home births, medically supported births and even c-sections. This is because it’s not about the ‘perfect’ birth or ‘natural birth’, but rather all about stacking the odds in your favour of you having the best experience possible for you. This is all about creating harmony from within. 

So would you like to feel empowered, calm, grounded and able to make the right choices for you and your baby? 

Perhaps some of the below apply to you:

  • You want to prepare mentally and emotionally for birth.
  • You want to learn to relax deeply, feel positive and know you’re prepared.
  • You are feeling nervous or anxious about how you’ll manage and want to empower yourself.
  • You want to trust your body and not have to rely on medical interventions unless absolutely necessary.
  • You’ve heard good things about mums using hypnobirthing and want to explore the tools for yourself.
  • You understand how important it is to let go of fear and destress during pregnancy. 
  • You’ve had previous experience with hypnotherapy, mindfulness or meditation and want to use these skills in your birthing. 



    More than just antenatal education

    hypnobirthing in Reading

     There’s no fixed agenda for each course as I tailor sessions to your specific needs and will adapt as needed. However, there are some key things we’ll explore together:


    • Understanding the mind/body connection and the power of beliefs
    • Exploring the importance of the birth hormones & what birth needs to progress well
    • How to release fears, shift negative beliefs and free yourself from worry loops. 
    • Resolving any birth related anxiety, previous trauma or emotional challenges
    • Learning the power of self-hypnosis, breathing and visualisation techniques
    • Understanding how the mind creates pain and how to manage birth sensations
    • Knowing the birth partner’s role and ways to support a calm, supportive space
    • Creating an empowered mindset so you feel free to make the right choices for you
    • Bonding with baby and feeling ready for the post-natal period

    Why choose hypnobirthing?

    Hypnobirthing is more and more popular including with midwives and doctors. That’s because it’s not just some nice relaxation or woo-woo thinking. It’s also not just for one type of birth choice.

    Feeling empowered and able to calmly flow through birthing whatever happens on the day is amazing for any type of birth.

    Hypnobirthing is a philosophy, a toolkit and way of embracing birth with an empowered mindset.

    Confident Childbirth – I offer a specialist version of hypnobirthing which is based on the principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, the best bits of hypnobirthing, NLP mindset coaching, neuroscience and emotional wellbeing practices. Find out more about the Confident Childbirth method here. 


    Hypnotherapy for anxiety

    I booked two hypnobirthing refresher sessions with Clare… Clare provided a safe space for me to relax and talk openly about the birth anxiety I was feeling for our 2nd baby… Clare provided some educational hypnobirthing resources and relaxation tracks to use at home. I went on to have a calm waterbirth, armed with hypnobirthing tools to cope. I would recommend Clare to anyone considering hypnobirthing!

    Carla Glanville

    Reading (Google Review)

    I worked with Clare in the run up to the birth of my first child. I was carrying a lot of negative baggage and I was determined to make sure that my birthing experience was a positive one. Clare worked with me 1:1 throughout every twist and turn of my pregnancy. She gave me the relevant information, knowledge and tools to handle whatever was thrown at me. Clare helped me feel prepared and empowered, which led to a really positive birthing experience. I would highly recommend Clare

    Jo Jarvis

    Reading, (Google Review)

    Are you 30+ weeks? It’s not too late!!

    My ‘Hypnobirthing Essentials’ can equip you with what you need.

    Hypnobirthing is like a gift…

    I started teaching Active Birth and hypnobirthing in 2012 and have been a Cognitive Hypnotherapist since 2013. I now train other hypnotherapists in the Confident Childbirth Method. 

    I decided to change careers was after my own experience of pregnancy anxiety with my second baby. Thanks to hypnobirthing, I went from absolutely terrified of giving birth to planning and having a wonderfully calm home birth. 

    I knew that I had to share this gift

    I’m passionate about helping women realise the power of their minds and how amazing the body is. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fear about giving birth and as you will learn, fear hinders positive birthing.

    I want to help you break free of those fears and have a positive birth experience, whatever that means on the day. 



    Clare Burgess hypnobirthing and pregnancy hypnotherapy

    The Confident Childbirth Method

    pregnancy anxiety therapy and birth confidence coaching

    The Confident Childbirth Method combines the core principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, the latest hypnobirthing tools and the power of Emotional Resilience Coaching. With this powerful combination, we can shift negative beliefs, boost confidence and release fears quickly and gently in a way that’s tailored. 

    Each year, I train Cognitive Hypnotherapists in this method and I love the amazing difference it makes. As specialists in pregnancy anxiety and emotional challenges, we are passionate about empowering women.  


    You are unique, so is your baby and so is your birth experience. Rather than just generic techniques, we can work together to create the right toolkit and focus for you.

    • Overcome unhelpful fears and overwhelm
    • Trust your body’s innate abilities and the power of your mind.
    • Know how to dial down pain & birthing sensations
    • Feel more in control & make the right choices for you
    • Be able to stay calm & grounded even if things go off piste.
    • Trust your partner can support you.
    • Relax deeply and learn self-hypnosis skills
    • Feel ready for the early weeks with baby.

    The mind tools and emotional skills you learn are life skills, not just for birthing.