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Tailored hypnobirthing services and pregnancy hypnotherapy

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“Hypnobirthing is a mindset, toolkit and approach to a more positive birth experience. My Confident Childbirth approach helps you feel more positive, relaxed and confident for pregnancy, birth and beyond”

My hypnobirthing approach offers you a flexible and effective way of preparing for your baby.

I’m passionate about helping women achieve a more positive birth experience.  As an experienced hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing practitioner and Active Birth teacher, I understand how to gently and safely help you overcome any birth related anxiety and feel empowered to look forward to giving birth.


Why Hypnobirthing? How can it help you?

Harness the power of the mind/body connection & learn how to relax deeply

The hypnobirthing toolkit is actually a set of tools for life as you learn how to manage emotions, have a positive mental attitude and use the inner resources you already have.


Overcome fears or anxiety about pregnancy and birth

Some apprehension about birth is very normal especially in our society which tends to focus on the negative stories about birth. Fear however hinders the natural process of birth and cause unnecessary stress. Hypnobirthing offers a powerful way to release fears and feel empowered to choose what’s right for you on the day.


Overcome previous traumatic events or emotional experiences?

If you have had a previously difficult birth experience or perhaps something in your life which is stopping you from looking forward to your baby’s birth, then I can help. When pregnant it’s not the time to do lots of therapy on past issues but it is important to become free of any previous trauma which might trigger high anxiety during birth.


Second time mum? Or third, fourth, fifth? 

I offer both a refresher hypnobirthing course or full course to mums who’ve previously given birth. As part of this I regularly help mums hoping for a natural birth following a previous c-section (VBAC). We would tailor the package to meet your individual needs. This also offers you an opportunity to bond with this baby and take time for yourself to relax.


Positive mindset for planned c-section

Hypnobirthing is not just for natural birth. The tools and mindset are also very helpful to have a wonderful and positive c-section experience. Sometimes for medical reasons there is no other option but to plan a c-section. This can cause some stress for some women. During a c-section your baby is still being born and benefits from you being calm and positive. Hypnobirthing can help you have a beautifully positive experience.


Need to turn a breech baby?

Hypnosis and visualisation techniques have been proven to be very effective in many cases of encouraging a baby to turn from breech to a optimal position for birth. Relaxation, gentle movements and using the power of the mind can be amazing ways to help this process.


Enjoy your pregnancy more

I also help women overcome severe morning sickness and can teach you ways to embrace your pregnancy so you can enjoy this journey.


Hypnobirthing Courses and Sessions in Reading and Wokingham:

I offer one-to-one hypnobirthing sessions in the following locations:

Reading Therapy Centre – first and last Saturday of the month, Mondays and Fridays during the day

Wokingham Therapy Clinic – Sunday afternoons or Thursdays during the day

Your birth partner is welcome to join the sessions although I recommend at least the first session is 100% about you and what you need.

Contact me and further info:

Call 07446950386 or email me on for a no-fee initial consultation to discuss your needs.


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