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Personalised Hypnobirthing: helps you feel more positive, relaxed and confident for pregnancy and birth

I specialise in helping women who want help to overcome previous difficult experiences, anxiety issues, phobias or confidence issues. Using the Confident Childbirth approach and my experience as a therapist, I can offer you a safe, flexible and effective way of overcoming your fears whilst pregnant in order to help you feel more confident and ready for birth.

Do you feel you need extra help overcoming fears or anxiety about pregnancy and birth?

Would you like to overcome previous traumatic events or emotional experiences?

Would you like to build your trust and confidence in your body and birth?

Are you hoping for a natural birth following a C-section? (VBAC)

I offer hypnobirthing to any mum who wants to learn the amazing techniques but my specialism is working with anxiety and emotional issues. If you’ve had a difficult journey in getting pregnant or have experienced some kind of previous trauma which might be getting in the way of you enjoying your pregnancy I can help. It might surprise you how quickly you can start to feel more confident and relaxed with a personalised and tailored hypnobirthing programme.

I also help women overcome severe morning sickness and can support the process of turning a breech baby.

If you would like to know more about Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing and my personalied hypnobirthing approach, please contact me today. Call 07446950386 or email me on for a no-fee initial consultation to discuss your needs.

 hypnobirthing reading

Why choose personalised hypnobirthing?

We are all different and each birth is unique. Sometimes we need something extra which fits around our own needs and what’s important to us.

My aim is for you to have a positive experience of birth and be empowered to feel more in control no matter what type of birth you want or how it proceeds on the day. I truly believe that every woman is unique and deserves the best experience for her I offer a non-judgmental approach to support all birth choices.

I work on a one to one basis in my hypnotherapy practice in Reading where you can decide to include your birth partner for each session or for just the Partner Focused session. I tailor our work together to your needs so we can build the right programme for you.

Many mums say that learning hypnobirthing techniques and becoming confident in their body’s ability to give birth has helped them to relax and enjoy the remaining months of the pregnancy more. And some of the skills are also designed to support you during the post-natal period as well.

I’m an experienced Active Birth antenatal teacher having been part of The Daisy Foundation as well as a fully qualified Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing practitioner. Plus I’m a mum of two with my own personal experiences of childbirth.

I can’t thank Clare enough for the techniques and help she gave me. I was able to achieve the birth I wanted


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Birth Confidence – Personalised Hypnobirthing: how is my approach different to other hypnobirthing programmes

  • I offer a combination of the Confident Childbirth approach, hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing plus Active Birth education
  • Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing can only be offered by fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapists
  • The Confident Childbirth approach is based on the most recent research and understanding of birth, pain and neuroscience
  • Cognitive Hypnotherapists believe that each person is unique so our work is fully tailored to each client

Most of the hypnobirthing sessions I offer are one-to-one for mums-to-be and their partners if needed. Unlike traditional hypnobirthing, these sessions are tailored to each women’s individual needs.

Confident Childbirth training gave me hope and courage to take a chance and embrace the unknown. I’m not sure I would have known how to cope without the experience. I’m hugely grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend Confident Childbirth.


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About me: why I’m so passionate about helping women experience a more positive birth…

The reason I am passionate about helping women feel more confident and positive about birth is I know how empowering, amazing and positive birth can be once you learn how to relax and how to trust your body.  I know first-hand how fear can hinder the birth process and cause unnecessary pain and stress. It through my own experiences of birth that I was inspired me to train as a hypnotherapist and as an antenatal educator.

I went through a difficult first birth experience because I was terrified and felt totally out of control. It left me feeling disappointed and like I’d failed. These negative feelings really affected my enjoyment of becoming a mum in the early months of my son’s life.

For the birth of my second child, I learnt hypnobirthing techniques and how to let go of my previous experience. Most importantly I grew in confidence and learnt to trust the birth process and my body.

My daughter’s birth was beautiful and empowering. This wonderful experience really taught me the power of the mind and ultimately led me on my journey to becoming a hypnotherapist and antenatal teacher. I feel very passionate about sharing this ‘gift’ with other women.


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