Confident Childbirth Personalised and Flexible Hypnobirthing


* What if birth could be a positive and even enjoyable experience?

* What if you could feel confident, empowered and calm whatever happens?

* What if anxiety or fear were no longer issues for you, how would you like your pregnancy and birth to be?

Using the Confident Childbirth method and my background in teaching Active Birth antentatal classes, I tailor hypnobirthing to the needs of the mother and her partner. My aim is for you to have a positive experience of the birth of your baby. I want to help you to feel more in control, no matter what birth you want or how it proceeds.

Even since my own positive and calm birth experience with my daughter, I’ve wanted to help women approach birth with an open and positive mind-set.

Birth Story Testimonial – December 2016 from T. Mullen after just one extended session:

“I began to feel some cramps on Sunday evening after dinner but nothing too serious intense so carried on as normal. They had definitely got stronger by the time I went to bed but I managed to get to sleep anyway. At 1.30 I got woken up and shortly after that my waters broke. I called the labour triage and they advised that I go in. I went to the midwife led unit where I was assessed and then taken through to the pre birth room. Things were definitely progressing and I spent the time in that room concentrating on the breathing techniques we had gone through and some of the positions. 

After a couple of hours in the room I was moved to one of the birthing suites where I could get in the birthing pool. After getting in the pool things progressed very quickly and baby was born within about 15 minutes into the water. It was such an amazing experience and incomparable to my first birth. This one was so calm and positive and hurt so much less! I definitely feel that all the relaxation techniques we went through helped create such a positive experience.

So baby was born at 6.30am and by 11am we were back at home! 

Thank you for preparing me so well for this birth. I honestly didn’t think that it could have been so perfect!”


How is this hypnobirthing approach flexible and personalised?

The Confident Childbirth method is only offered by fully qualified hypnotherapists who understand anxiety and emotional disorders. As therapists, we are able to personalise a plan for each mum-to-be to help her achieve her specific goals. Unlike some hypnobirthing courses, this approach is totally flexible and tailored to you. Everyone is unique and has different needs. We’ll work to your specific goals whatever they are.

Many mothers report that learning hypnobirthing technques and becoming confident in their body’s ability to give birth has helped them to relax and enjoy the remaining months of the pregnancy more. In Confident Childbirth, some of the skills are also designed to support you in looking after the new addition to your family.

As well as hypnobirthing techniques I also include Active Birth education and other useful techniques such as Mindfulness as I believe this gives a more flexible approach to you. You then have a personalised ‘toolkit’ which is right for you.

During your sessions you’ll learn:

  • Self-hypnosis: how to go into a state of calm relaxation
  • Personal visualisations to aid your labour and delivery
  • Relaxation and a range of pain control techniques
  • How to remain positive, in control and in communication
  • Self confidence and belief for pregnancy and parenthood
  • How to overcome particular fears or previous experiences
  • Key antenatal and Active Birth education – understanding your body and birth

Through each session, you may be surprised just how much your confidence grows and how much calmer you feel which means you can start to look forward to your baby’s birthday.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing with the Confident Childbirth method?

The Confident Childbirth method is based on the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach and is only practiced by fully qualified hypnotherapists.

Before the Birth:

  • Overcome previous negative experiences and learn to let go of fears gently and safely
  • The experience of pregnancy becomes more enjoyable and exciting process as you learn to think more positively about labour and delivery.
  • The skills you learn enable you to relax, look after yourself and prepare more calmly
  • Self-hypnosis helps you get sleep better and get back to sleep if your nights are disturbed.

During Labour and Delivery

  • Being positive and calm with a range of pain control techniques to use, you’re much less likely to need chemical painkillers.
  • Research shows that labour is likely to be significantly shorter.
  • Research also shows that there?s a much reduced likelihood of forceps, ventouse, or?Caesarean section.
  • You’ll have learned a proven method for communicating with medical staff which means?you?ll feel involved in any decisions that are made as labour progresses.
  • You’ll have a range of tools and visualisations to use so that you can stay positive and comfortable

After Your Baby is Born

  • Your baby is likely to have a higher Apgar score?(measurement of wellbeing immediately post-delivery)
  • Reduced use of pain medication means reduction of undesirable side effects for mother and baby.
  • You?re likely to need a shorter hospital stay and
  • Hypnosis for childbirthhave a quicker postnatal recovery.
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression.
  • Many mothers report that their babies are calmer and feed and sleep better due to their gentle passage into the world.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation aid breast-feeding
  • Your new tools can help you cope more easily with family life and get more easily back to sleep during any disturbed nights

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