Hypnotherapy in Reading and Wokingham

Can hypnotherapy help? – Client Testimonials for Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading & Wokingham

Here are some of the things a few of my clients have said recently about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy has helped them overcome anxiety and other issues.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading and Wokingham can help you overcome a vast number of different issues. I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety issues & phobias. Contact me on clare@clareburgess.co.uk to find out how I can help you.

I know that it takes courage to take the first step and see a therapist. That is why I offer a free no obligation phone call which means you can talk to me before agreeing to a first session.


MD, Wokingham – (Phobia)

“I cant believe how different I feel and how quickly this has happened!”


LD, Reading – (Anxiety & Panic Attacks)

“Thanks for the recordings. I have listened to them this evening I found that they really helped.
I found the beginning of this week a lot easier than before and today I had a great day felt really relaxed with no anxiety at all.
Feeling so much happier.
Thank you for everything.”


A Robinson, Henley – (Confident Childbirth)

“Just to let you know. We had a gorgeous baby boy yesterday afternoon. The birth was just as I wanted. Normal natural delivery. Home after 6 hours”


J Haynes, Reading – (Anxiety & Public Speaking)

“Since our last session I have had to do several presentations. Prior to my first presentation my nerves and anxiety were pretty bad but I did not feel the fear that I had before. I managed to cope by thinking of a positive outcome and trying to embody the confidence that we discussed. This really helped and throughout the presentation I could feel myself relax and start to flourish.

During my second presentation, I had very low levels of anxiety beforehand and during. I kept myself smiling and started to move around more as I tried to promote a confident body language which I feel helped me deliver a successful and enjoyable presentation.”


MT, Bracknell – (Anxiety Issues)

left-quotes I found Clare at a very dark and chaotic time in my life. From my first phone call with Clare she put me at ease. I had three sessions, and by the end of them, I was feeling positive and more in control. Something I couldn’t have envisaged just a few weeks earlier. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly how cognitive hypnotherapy helped with this change, I only know it did.right-quotes


MB, Reading  – (Support through cancer treatment and recovery)

left-quotes Working with you has had a profound effect on my life….I have found that Cognitive Hypnotherapy involves far more joint participation than I had expected.  At all times I feel in control.  At no time have I ever felt alarmed when I have gone back to some past experience.  When I have visited something from the past, it has become clear to me, I have felt  “ah ha, that’s what that was about!”.  Working with you, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy has helped me enormously on so many levels.  Clare, your words, “This is your time” ring true.right-quotes


T Burham, Reading – (Stress, relationships & career issues)

left-quotesClare has a wonderful, calming manner and has really helped me work through some personal dilemmas and difficult work related issues.right-quotes


P Bird, Maidenhead – (Confidence & self-esteem issues)

left-quotesI’ve suffered from low self-esteem for years. Not only has Clare helped me feel more confident but I’m now doing things I didn’t think possible. I’m amazed at how much has changed in my life now.



M Giles, Reading – (Pregnancy & Childbirth preparation)

left-quotesI have thoroughly enjoyed working with Clare and have learned some valuable techniques to help me through my pregnancy and birth



BM, Bracknell – (Panic Attacks & anxiety issues)

left-quotesThank you for all your help. Working with you has made such a huge difference. I’ve not experienced a panic attack since our sessions which I can hardly believe. I also really like having the breathing and relaxation techniques you taught me.