pregnancy anxiety and hypnobirthing

Hypnotherapy for pregnancy anxiety

I help mums-to-be relax, release from fear and feel well in pregnancy

  • Overcome birth related fears and worries
  • Heal from previous birth trauma or emotional experiences
  • Calm after a long IVF journey
  • Resolve birth related phobias including tokophobia or needle phobia
  • Building confidence and tools for an empowered birth


Pregnancy Anxiety Hypnotherapy is for you if:

pregnancy anxiety hypnobirthing
  • You want to have a child but are terrified of birth
  • You are pregnant again after a previous traumatic experience
  • You have a medical related phobia (eg: blood, needles, medical setting etc)
  • You are anxious and don’t trust your body after IVF or baby loss?
  • You have a history of anxiety and panic attacks which has escalated since finding out you are pregnant.
  • You had a challenging postnatal period last time and are worried it’ll all happen again.
  • You are overwhelmed by the emotions and changes happening
  • You are struggling with morning sickness 
  • You have a history of tokophobia
  • You want something more personalised than just a general hypnobirthing course


“I worked with Clare in the run up to the birth of my first child. I was carrying a lot of negative baggage and I was determined to make sure that my birthing experience was a positive one. Clare worked with me 1:1 throughout every twist and turn of my pregnancy. She gave me the relevant information, knowledge and tools to handle whatever was thrown at me. Clare helped me feel prepared and empowered, which led to a really positive birthing experience.”


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“Clare provided a safe space for me to relax and talk openly about the birth anxiety I was feeling for our 2nd baby. Clare was guided by what I was saying and provided some deep relaxation and focus on breathing to help me overcome my negative mindset. Clare provided some educational hypnobirthing resources and relaxation tracks to use at home. I went on to have a calm water birth…”


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Let’s work together to free your mind

I’ve been helping people overcome fears, limiting self beliefs and creating positive change for over 10 years. I’m experience and qualified in the following so can easily tailor sessions to suit your needs:

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapist
  • Anxiety Specialist
  • Master level NLP Coach
  • Perinatal Specialist & Hypnobirthing Trainer
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


hypnotherapy for anxiety with Clare Burgess

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