Hypnotherapy – What I can help you with:

Hypnotherapy in Reading and Wokingham

Most people know something about hypnotherapy but often they have ideas about hypnosis based on stage hypnosis and people clucking like chickens. (Nothing to do with hypnotherapy,  for the record!)  Or perhaps, they only associate hypnotherapy with things like quitting smoking or overcoming a phobia.

You might be surprised to hear that hypnotherapy and especially an integrated approach which incorporates many different technique can help with a huge list of emotional, psychological and physical issues. By working with the unconscious mind, you can reprogramme unconscious beliefs and negative behavioural patterns, resolve past issues and start to build confidence for a new ways of being in the future.

This process of change can also be quicker than you think because our aim is not to spend loads of time analysing why you have an issue but rather discover what you really want to achieve and how to get you there.

Most clients notice a difference after the first couple of sessions. I generally see people between 3 to 9 sessions but sometimes we might only need one or two sessions to resolve a fear or remove a mind block. It’s amazing what is possible when you are ready, willing to focus and open to change.

Here is a list of some of the most common issues I helped many people overcome. Please note that I only work with adults over 18s at the moment.

Contact me to find out how I can help you – clare@clareburgess.co.uk or book a phone consultation here


Anxiety and Emotional issues:

Anxiety – stress and generalised anxiety

Social anxiety

Low mood and lack of motivation

Insomnia and sleep issues

Anger issues

Guilt and regret

Performance anxiety

Sexual issues and anxiety

Exam stress



Trauma including intrusive memories

Birth trauma and post-natal anxiety

Preparing for birth after previous birth trauma

Pregnancy and birth anxiety


Confidence and Self-belief

Returning to work after baby

Self-sabotage for health or career goals

Confidence issues and low self-esteem

Relationship issues

Presenting and workplace confidence issues


Phobias including:

Phobia of flying

Phobia of driving and motorway driving

Phobia of birds

Phobia of intimacy

Phobia of bridges

Phobia of eating certain foods or in certain locations

Phobia of public speaking

Phobia of needles

Phobia of going to the dentist or doctors


Health related issues

Weight loss and healthy eating

Overcoming binge eating and emotional eating

Smoking cessation

Pain management and reduction

Hormonal imbalance and PMS

Menopause – reducing and managing symptoms


Hypnotherapy for young children or Asperger’s Syndrome

As I only work with children from the age of 18 years and upwards, if you are looking for help with younger children, I recommend contacting Paul Hughes who’s based in Reading, Watlington and Thame

Paul also specialises in helping people on the autistic spectrum. You can find his site here: http://www.resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk/ 


Help for alcohol or drug addiction

I cannot help with alcoholism or drug addiction as I believe it’s very specialist and needs specific help. I do help people change their lifestyle to healthier habits so as part of this it might be focused on reducing alcohol. However this is very different to working with alcoholism or drug issues so please see below for an option which might be useful to you or please contact me if you want a referral to a local hypnotherapist who works in this area.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a free helpline dedicated to assisting those suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health issues. Rehab 4 Addiction was established in 2011 by people who overcame drug and alcohol addiction themselves. You can contact Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690.