Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Reading & Wokingham 

I can help you learn to reduce anxiety in your life, relax more easily and also learn how to start feeling secure with uncertainty.

anxiety hypnotherapy

Overcome anxiety or feelings of panic using a tailored approach

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People who come to see me often report one or more of the following symptoms or experiences:

Panic attacks

Phobia of specific object or situation

Physical symptoms such as pain, sweating, heart racing in particular environments

Insomnia or sleep issues

Excessive worrying and negative thinking

Low self-esteem and confidence

Impostor syndrome at work

Anger issues 

An inability to switch off or relax


Reprogramme your mind and learn to relax

The good news is that all of the above anxiety experiences can be resolved in a shorter amount of time than you might imagine.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a flexible approach that’s tailored to you. Together we will work on the root causes of your issues and helps you be yourself again.

Plus, I empower my clients from the first session with practical tools and self-calming techniques. The tools no only help you build your sense of control but also help to retrain your mind into how you want to be.

Hypnotherapy in Reading and Wokingham

How I can help you?

Stress is normal human experience and something we all are familiar with especially in certain situations or times. Anxiety is triggered by fears and is an experience about something in the future that hasn’t happened yet or a sense of uncertainty which creates patterns of behaviour and physical symptoms.

We can think of fear as your unconscious mind try to protect you from what is perceived as threatening situations. It’s also useful to realise that it’s your imagination miscalculating and going into overdrive. Part of the solution is to turn this down to a normal level and retrain the imagination to focus on useful projections of the future.

I use a combination of powerful techniques to help re-educate your unconscious mind. We can do this in  a variety of ways depending on your unique needs.  This process of positive change and learning new self-help skills means you can start to take control of your mind and responses. My aim is to help you to enjoy your life more and feel free to be you.


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