Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you build your confidence

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Living the way you want to 

I spend a lot of time helping clients build their self-esteem and confidence which means they can feel empowered to reach their goals and live the life they want. Find out more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy Reading can help you build your confidence.

Just imagine being able to live your life feeling confident in who you are and free to do what you want. Imagine being the person you want to be. What could you do that you don’t do now? Where would that confidence take you? You may be surprised at just how many people have issues low self-esteem and how much that lack of confidence dominates their lives.


You can enjoy being you

Dealing with confidence or low self-esteem can open up so many possibilities and give you the freedom to live the life you want. Using a combination of hypnosis, NLP, relaxation and other confidence building tools, we can work on replacing old negative feelings and patterns of behaviour to give you a perspective, practice tools and the ability to feel in control.

We believe that the unconscious mind which controls about 90% of what we do is always trying to protect us and that all behaviour has a positive purpose but that the brain is plastic and thinking can be changed. We also believe that trance is every day and that someone experiencing a problem is in effect in a ‘problem trance’ where they react in a way they don’t want to. Our unconscious minds make calculations based on past experiences and our environment in order to keep us away from ‘perceived’ danger. When a similar situation occurs we are essentially being ‘emotionally hijacked’ by our unconscious mind making you feel out of control in that situation. Using the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach my aim is to dehypnotise your unconscious from being ‘emotionally hijacked’ so you can be yourself, take control and behave in the way you want to

Tailored to you

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I will always treat you as an individual as we believe that everyone is unique and every person experiences their problem in a unique way even if sometimes we give problems common labels like anxiety, depression, stress. I therefore avoid the ‘one size fits all approach’ and unlike some traditional hypnotherapy there are no set scripts. Together we’ll explore this uniqueness to find the root of your issue and guide you to the right answers for you. I will tailor each session for you based on what you need and will also write a personalised MP3 download for you.

If you want to discuss this further, give me a call or email me.