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OldPain2Go – A simple, safe and effective method to help you become pain free

OldPain2Go is a wonderful methodology that can help with all sorts of pain issues. I am regularly amazed about how simple and effective it is. This method can eliminate pain by connecting directly to the different levels of your mind to switch off old pain messages.

OldPain2Go is a powerful method that has been proven to completely eliminate pain for so many people.  Issues that can be helped include arthritis, back pain, old operation pain, old injury pain and even in many cases, fibromyalgia. See the testimonials link below to hear what others have to say.

This method is aimed at people who have had all the necessary checks with a doctor and have been told that’s medically there is nothing else that can be done.  If you have been suffering with pain for a while and are willing to be completely open to the possibility then contact me to find out how I can help. You don’t even need to believe it’s going to really work for it to be effective!

OldPain2Go as part of a tailored approach

This method doesn’t rely on hypnosis or traditional hypnotherapy. I can use this with you as a a stand alone approach. For some cases though, OldPain2Go combines perfectly with hypnotherapy and other emotional resolution techniques.  I tailor each treatment plan to an individual so we can discuss your specific needs to agree the create the right plan for you.

The mind and body are connected so your physical and emotional well-being is central to a happier and better life.

Contact me for more information and to find out how this method can help you become pain free.


What is pain and what do we mean by old pain?

Pain signals are an important part of our survival system. These signals are necessary when there is a new injury or if the body needs to alert our conscious awareness to pay attention to a specific area.  We never want to turn off our pain system as it’s important for life but often old pain is like an alarm system that stuck and keeps ringing long after it’s actually necessary.

he OldPain2Go method is a like the reset button and an effective way to reprogramme the mind/body connection so any unnecessary pain messages no longer need to effect you.

Imagine now that you live in a house where the fire alarm was triggered 10 years ago.

Imagine that the fire was put out that night but the alarm itself wasn’t reset so it continued to ring and ring.  It has continued to ring every day since. This continued ringing has created other issues, emotional associations through and dictated your behaviour. The initial fire may have caused damage but that is unrelated to the alarm system that’s still ringing. The alarm is no longer serving the purpose it’s designed for is it. This means it can be switched off.

If we think of pain as an alarm. Old pain is an alarm that’s still ringing after it’s needed. This means any new pain messages will need to be even louder than necessary to get your attention. It can also stop helpful awareness of new pain alerts which can have negative consequences.

So it makes sense to let go of the old pain messages.  Others have and are now pain free.

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