Thoughts about the thoughts is the real ‘issue’.


What if thoughts are always neutral unless you give them meaning?

What if a thought passes quickly or is easily ignored when you forget to attach any meaning or judgement to it?

Most the time we struggle with ‘unwanted thoughts’ because we’re judging the ideas or ourselves for having the idea. Where do you think the judgement was learnt?

A Thought Experiment for you

If you think about a fluffy cloud right now, what feelings come up? My guess is nothing much, or just curiosity.

What if I asked you to think of your favourite person? Probably feels good. Perhaps you start seeing images of them, hear their voice in your mind or remember something nice.

What if I asked you to think about doing something really bad or think about something which disgusts you? How does that feel? That thing is not happening right now but your opinion of it creates a whole perception and set of feelings.

How do that again, and notice you are thinking. What if you thought of that whilst telling yourself that the thought itself is imagined and you are just thinking it.

Thoughts are like coloured bubbles

Imagine thoughts like different coloured bubbles. The bubble up and then very quickly pop if you let them and notice the next ‘bubble’ is then coming up and then the next…..

They’re bubble up from whatever you are focusing on. They’re bubbling up from your physical state or mood. 

Trying to stop them or control them is stressful, and doesn’t work! In fact, it will make you feel worse and think you have a problem with control. 

If you like the pink bubbles but not the blue ones, you’ll be more focused on the blue ones. The unconscious mind then thinks they must be important so gives you more blue bubbles! You then start to believe you have an issue with blue bubbles.

If you want some tips on better ways to manage thoughts and get out of the loop over overthinking, see below.

You don’t! You are human and humans get innocently caught up in their own thinking and in believing their own thoughts.  



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