Research shows that people who focus on the little moments of joy or pleasure are happier and more resilient overall. 

Our habits, mindset and focus is what creates our experience. If you want to feel happier, start to allow yourself to shift your focus onto the smallest moments. 

Breaking it down like this also makes it easier to apply in your life. 

We live in a busy world that keeps telling us to do more, have more, be happier.

Let’s simplify it and come back to how humans actually work. 


What we focus on, becomes more in our awareness

We tend to focus on the big things and stop noticing the little things. We set goals or focus on a brighter future which includes big changes or wonderful things. There’s nothing wrong with that per se but it can also be a trap which keeps us feeling like we lack so much.

That type of focus also stops us being present in the ‘now’. We can miss the very things which bring us joy in the moment.

It’s been scientifically proven that if you consciously and actively focus on the smallest moments of joy you prime your mind for more joy and will feel happier. This is also a cornerstone habit of resilience and can help someone lift out of depression as part of their treatment plan.

Here’s a brief exercise you can practice to help you create this.


Micro-moments of joy exercise

Set the intention that you will start to look for the smallest moments of joy in your day.

– Note anything which makes you smile, which feels nice, any moment you feel okay, relaxed or happy.

– Write these down at the end of the day if that helps you focus even more.

– Keep noticing the same things over and then be open to noticing more, actively seek out more of those moments but without forcing or expecting some big happy feeling.




With love

Clare xx