1) The power of ‘YET’

We often limit ourselves through making closed statements or repeatedly telling ourselves that because it’s been a certain way, it’ll continue to be that way. The word ‘yet’ is a word which opens up possibilities. ‘Yet’ presupposes a timeframe and a movement towards. 

Say to yourself the limiting sentence you’ve been believing up until now. Then say it again adding the word yet to the end.



I’m not confident.


I’m not confident YET.


I can’t do that.


I can’t do that yet.



2) The power of ‘AND’

When we view life through a lens of either/or we limit ourselves and therefore our confidence. My favourite word to keep coming back to is ‘and’. You could also say ‘both’.

When we have a narrow view we delete or dismiss so many other good things about ourselves or our capabilities or the evidence that we’re okay.

If, for example, you are feeling scared, add the word and to open up your view to include all the other possibilities.

I feel worried and I know I’m okay

I am sad and I know I am supported. And I know this shall pass. And I choose to focus on the good things in my day.

I am both worried about my presentation and excited to share my ideas.