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From pregnancy anxiety to calm, choice & confidence

Has anxiety taken over?

I specialise in helping women feel balanced, strong and ready to embrace their pregnancy and birth after previous pregnancy loss, a difficult previous birth or a history of tokophobia. 

Pregnancy anxiety is more common than people realise. Pregnancy and birth are inherently uncertain times so we know it’s normal to feel some worries or concerns. However, if you are struggling with anxiety and fear, then it’s time to take positive action to release and feel confident about this important life event and new chapter.


I was in that place once…

If you have found yourself wanting to cry at the thought of birth, or feeling panicky when seeing a baby advert on TV, then you’ve found the right place to get help. That’s what I was like when I found out I was pregnant for the second time. 

I was terrified of giving birth again. It was so confusing, lonely and I carried so much guilt for how I was feeling.

Thanks to hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy, I went from panicking to having a wonderful, calm and empowering home birth with my daughter.

That experience set me on a new life path. I discovered the power of the mind and how to overcome fear. I’m now on a mission to share this knowledge.


My tailored programme is right for you, if you are:

Experiencing anxiety, panic attacks or other emotional challenges during pregnancy

Wanting to overcome a previously challenging or traumatic birth experience

Feeling stuck in a cycle of worry, guilt and fear even though you really want this baby

Suffering with extreme morning sickness or other physical issues which are causes great stress

Distrusting your body after a long IVF journey or health issues.

Are pregnant after loss, and struggling to feel positive

Feel anxiety taking over now you are pregnant

Have a history of tokophobia or other relevant phobias such as needle, blood or medical environments.

pregnancy anxiety hypnobirthing

Say goodbye to the fear of birth

confident childbirth hypnobirthing

1: Release from anxiety & fear


A mind/body approach to healing trauma, releasing fears & balancing your nervous system again


A personalised & flexible treatment plan based on your specific needs


I use a combined approach of Cognitive Hypnotherapy & trauma release tools for safe and effective emotional release

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2: New Beliefs & Trust


Believe in yourself & your body. Learn to trust you can do what’s right for you and let go of unhelpful old beliefs


Connect with your inner resources and the power of the mind/body connection as you learn self-hypnosis and other amazing tools


Upgrade your inner narrative for birth, how your body works and how amazing your mind really is

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3: Birth Readiness & Choices


Personalise your hypnobirthing toolkit for labour and birth plus understand pain management & your choices


Prepare your partner to support you and feel ready to make empowered choices on the day


Feel ready to navigate the unexpected & support your own wellbeing postnatally

“Clare provided a safe space for me to relax and talk openly about the birth anxiety I was feeling for our 2nd baby. Clare was guided by what I was saying and provided some deep relaxation and focus on breathing to help me overcome my negative mindset. Clare provided some educational hypnobirthing resources and relaxation tracks to use at home. I went on to have a calm water birth…”


Reading (Google Review summary)

“I worked with Clare in the run up to the birth of my first child. I was carrying a lot of negative baggage and I was determined to make sure that my birthing experience was a positive one. Clare worked with me 1:1 throughout every twist and turn of my pregnancy. She gave me the relevant information, knowledge and tools to handle whatever was thrown at me. Clare helped me feel prepared and empowered, which led to a really positive birthing experience.”


Google Review

Hypnotherapy for anxiety with Clare Burgess

A note from Clare…

I believe you can feel calm and ready for birth no matter how much you think you can’t.

I trust you have everything you need inside you to feel empowered and have the most positive birth experience whatever happens on that day. 

I believe that women deserve better birth experiences. Unfortunately we are sometimes let down by our cultural beliefs and medical system. 

I know how possible it is to go from terrified of birth to feeling confident and calm. I know because I’ve been there myself. I went from crying at the thought of giving birth to having a calm and amazing home birth experience with my daughter. 

I trust in the power of your mind because for 10 years I have helped adults overcome fears, feel good in themselves and realise how amazing they really are.

I trust in the power of hypnobirthing tools and active birth principles because for nearly 11 years I’ve been teaching these tools and have seen over and over the difference they make for pregnancy and birth. These tools are also the basis of my personal wellness toolkit I still use now! 

I’d love to support you. Contact me if you want to chat. 

Much love xx


“….Our baby boy was born into the water and I am sure this calm start to his life helped to ensure a chilled baby in the first few days at home” 


Reading (Google Review summary)

“Clare was a pleasure to meet and really helped me approach the birth of my second daughter. Clare spent a morning talking me through techniques to approach and prepare myself for labour. I can honestly say it made the whole experience manageable and really set my mind at ease as I approached the birth….”


Wokingham (Facebook review)

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Birth after tokophobia

Birth after IVF or health issues

'Better birth' for second time mums

Self-calm and self care for pregnancy

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