Stop Smoking - Be Free

Once you decide to quit, it can be easier than you think


Are you ready to say goodbye to cigarettes?

If you are ready, you can quit more easily than you might imagine.  


How I can I help you quit?

In truth, you don’t actually need me or anyone else in order to quit cigarettes. Hundreds of people quit by themselves each day when they are motivated enough, ready to make the change and believe they can. 

What I do is help you get feel absolutely ready, believe 100% that you can do this and equip you with ways to manage any detox symptoms or cravings. 

“Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t – you are right”

Believe you can and let go of fear…

A key part of our work is helping you connect to what’s holding you back from stopping smoking. Is it fear of being stressed or putting on weight? Is it fear of cravings or feeling bad? Have you tried before and failed so don’t believe you can? Do you feel you need to space and time out during the day? Do cigarettes help you when you feel lonely or bored? 


Reprogramme unconscious patterns and beliefs…

Nicotine and the ritual of smoking hijack the reward system so it’s not your fault if you’ve found it hard to quit? 

Hypnotherapy is effective for quitting smoking because we work directly with the unconscious part of you which believed that smoking was necessary or rewarding in the past. This frees you to in control and choose to say no more easily.

Many clients are surprised how much easier it is and how they learn to very quickly overcome any cravings or old associated habits too.