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Examples of conditions I work with most often:



Whether this is a particular animal, event or situation, it’s possible to overcome extreme and unnecessary fears or phobias.


Common examples:

Fear of dogs, cats, spiders or bees

Fear of presenting and pubic speaking

Fear of flying

Fear of driving especially on the motorway

Fear of a certain objects (believe me nothing with surprise me. I’ve helped with fear of pineapples and fear of zips)

Fear of heights



Anxiety & Panic attacks

You might not know exactly why you have been regularly anxiety or perhaps, there’s a particular past event you want to work on.



Examples might be:

Generalised anxiety

Panic attacks

Post-Traumatic Stress issues


Overthinking & constant worry

Low energy or mood




Insomnia & Stress issues

Lack of sleep and stress can cause unhealthy habits and health issues. It’s important to learn how to balance and release stess



Examples might be:

 Insomnia or disturbed sleep

Nightmares and night time panic

Physical symptoms including pain, skin problems and gut health issues 



Social anxiety & Low self esteem

You can build your confidence and enjoy being you more. It’s possible to overcome shyness or difficulty in creating positive connections.


Some examples of how I can help

Overcome shyness

Build self-esteem and self-acceptance

Confidence in dating or sexual relationships

Confidence in friendships

Confidence at work and assertiveness

Confidence presenting


Weight issues

Often weight issues have an emotional root or are due to unhealthy connections to the body, food or yourself. We can work toghether to help you ‘think slimmer, be healthier’.

Grief and Loss

I help people come to terms and manage grief in a compassionate and gentle way. This isn’t about quick fixes but allowing you to process and feel listened to.

Unwanted habits

Our habits are automatic and programmed through repetition and emotional connections. Clearing out the emotional programming frees you to create the habits you want.

Sexual issues

For most people sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. It’s an area that deserves care and focus to overcome issues.