Creating distinctions to get have more choice


Worry =

The origin of the word is ’to strangle’. Worry is a loop that goes in on itself like a spiral. Think of it as closed and narrow.
It may seem like it’s helping you manage the future but it’s coming from fear so it’s about trying to control the future or avoid imagined pain. 
Also, think of it as a habit which helps you avoid other feelings, taking action or trusting yourself.
So question it, is this true, helpful, loving or needed? If any part of it is useful, move into one of the below instead. 

Caring = Love, Respect and Help

Caring is love which is always open and expansive. We care about people or things which matter to us and are important so of course we have concerns because we are attached. Worry and caring are not the same.
Ask yourself, is this thinking actually loving and caring for that person or is it making it all about me?
Having concern can help us bring more attention on what’s needed and how we can help which is not the same as worry.
Trust that we are all responsible for our own happiness and emotions. Trust someone you love is capable, will handle things and is free to make their own choices. Open your heart to really being present for them if you want to actual care.

Problem solving = creative, broad thinking & action

Problem solving uses the creative part of your mind. The part that can see all the differences and different options. See the bigger picture.
Problem solving is the opposite to worry as it’s broad, practical, all about action and clarifies what’s needed and what can actually be done.
In problem solving mode we can easily detach from anything thinking that might get in the way. 

Take action even if it’s tiny as it moves you out of worry mode and into either caring or problem solving. 

With love

Clare xx

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